Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection
Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection

VCC Virtual Console Collection, Warmer/analog simulator from Slate Digital.

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JimboSpins 02/27/2013

Slate Digital VCC Virtual Console Collection : JimboSpins のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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The Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection is truly analog! It comes with 2 plug ins and you can use them on a PC or a Mac and you will not have any issues running them as a VST, RTAS, or AU. Using these two plug ins is very easy because of the interface. They have given my tracks some depth and great stereo separation with minimal effort on my part. One of my favorites is the API because it delivers a large sound on my drums and makes them sound huge. I will not do many drums without this plug in anymore because once I started using it, there is no way I can go back to having my drums go back to how they were before.


Installing these plug ins was quick and simple. I have them on my Mac running OS X 10.6 and they have never given me any issues. I have not seen a manual for them, but learning them was not hard. The slate Virtual Channel has only 6 knobs and a few channels and channel settings that can all be edited and controlled. The Slate Virtual MixBuss has only two knobs and a group on/off switch. In order for me to really understand these plug ins I just had to start working with them and not be too technical. I was able to see immediate how both of them affected my sound. They brought color, depth, and stereo width to my tracks and I am very impressed with it. The price is very affordable as well making it a must have for anyone who makes music at home and wants to really put the finishing touches on their music.


I love working with the Virtual Channel and have it on pretty much every single mixer track in my projects. My computer can handle it with no problem because it uses very little CPU. It is a 64 bit plug in but can also be used in the 32 bit plug in form. With the four models (VCC) Brit 4K, Brit N, USA and Pi, it makes it a must have for anyone who wants to learn mixing or someone who is already solid at mixing and needs some good plug ins.