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songboy 03/03/2010

GForce Software GForce Oddity : songboy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I have had no compatibility issues so far on my macbook. I have not had the need to use the manual as this is a reproduction of a hardware synth, so everything is very easy to understand. Yes, the setup and configuration is very simple. If you are familiar with an actual real deal analog synth, than this is nothing new. If you are not, do a little research as it will help you a lot when trying to understand and use other plugins of this type. Yes, the typical functions are very accessible as they are all right out in front of you.


Yes, the software works great in Logic 9 and Ableton 8. So far it has not crashed or lost any of my presets.
As for performance, it works perfect with all of my midi controllers and it sounds pretty darn good too. I have been using this synth for about two months.


What I like most about this is the sounds of course (most important thing when buying a music instrument/plugin). They are nice and warm and remind me of other analogue synths I have used (Juno series, Voyager). The Presets are also really great on this synth and give you a good idea of the spectrum of sounds you can get with this guy. Another great thing is the simple fact that this synth is very easy to use. I am a sucker for synths that reproduce the sounds and the physical look of vintage synths and this one is no exception. I paid $150 for this synth and I am happy with paying that. Its a great tool for electronica aswell as many other styles. I use it a lot these days when I need something warm and gritty. 10 out of 10 sounds, very good realism and texture. I have used lots of computer based synths and this one is up there with the best. Yes, I would definitely make the same choice again.