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mooseherman 12/09/2010

Swar Systems SwarPlug : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Indian Instrument Sequencer plug-in with great sounds!"

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This is a plugin for Logic, Cubase, or other sequencers. This is a really cool plugin for creating Indian instrument sounds within your DAW. I didn't have any compatibility issues with the Logic setup at our studio, and it didn't give me any problems once it started working. The setup was pretty easy to use at that point. My MIDI sequencers and controllers worked fine with it. The functions were very easily accessible.


The plugin software worked very well for me in general. I had no latency issues or anything of the sort considering how powerful our computer is. It's definitely a fast performance and I've been using it for a short time but I am already pretty satisfied with it.


I like this program because it has a ton of Indian instruments that aren't usually available in standard instrument voice packages for these types of DAWs or sequencers. This is 100% midi but it has much better sitar, esraj, tamboura sounds than most plugins or instrument banks will, and it has some other Indian instruments that typically get ignored in Western music. This will definitely help you out if you study or perform Indian music and want to compose with it. It can even help you play in the pitches that aren't used in western music, such as microtones and stuff like that, which most people don't even really pick up on (at least in the West they don't!), but such functionality makes this a really cool plugin. I didn't even see it or use it until we had an Indian client come in and use it but afterwards it really piqued my curiosity. I personally am not trained in playing Indian music but I do think it's really interesting, and I like the option of including the instruments If you love Indian music and want to get MIDI Indian instruments, or you just want a wider palette for your own compositions, you can't go wrong with this. It's pretty expensive for a plug-in, either, so I would only recommend it if you knew you were going to use it a lot, but its certainly great for what it is.