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VSL Vienna Instruments
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stompboxjon 07/06/2012

VSL Vienna Instruments : stompboxjon のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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VSL Vienna Instruments is compatible with mac and with pc. I didn’t know this at first, I bought it for my macbook and then after reading the manual that came with and and saw where it was compatible with both, so that was a big plus because now I can have it on all of my systems. This vst is really all about the orchestral sounds, that is what it is for and what it Excel’s in. But not all of the orchestral sounds are good, some of them just arent realistic to me. But there are definitely many more that are good, than there are that arent good. So if you are in nned of a good orchestral vst this could be good for you.


It was a rather big plug in , but it still didn’t take that long to load and it runs awesome on my mac and all of my pc machines. No matter what sort of system I have it running on it works great, and you can run it multiple times in the same session without it affecting your systems performance as long as you have a good amount of cpu available.


The thing that I like the best about it, is you get a lot of orchestral sounds and you get them at a good reasonable price. You will love the sounds and the price tag on VSL Vienna Instruments orchestral plug in. It will also work with all of your major sequencing programs and daws that are on the market today. Even though this software came out a while ago, it still works great on newer systems. I have it loaded on so many different machines and it works great all the time. I hope they come out with a newer version of it though soon. It would be nice to have an upgrade.