Native Instruments Kore

Kore, プラグイン用バーチャルラック/ホスト from Native Instruments in the Kore series.

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afterglow479 10/05/2008

Native Instruments Kore : afterglow479 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Kore installs problem free on the system on which I used it. We didn't have any compatibility issues on our system. The setup is a little bit convoluted after you install it. Not in terms of getting the system to recognize the hardware, but in terms of matching the controls on the hardware to what you want it to do in the software. The time you would potentially save by using Kore is easily lost by having to tediously map out all the editing parameters. Also there are not enough knobs to handle all of the parameters in the software, so you are constantly having to shuffle around. The manual is okay, but leaves a few holes in your knowledge. You will most likely be searching online for a few questions you'll have with Kore.


We installed this on a Mac G5 at a studio I worked at. We have been using kontakt a lot there, and wanted to control it with Kore. It did technically work fine with the computer and the software. You have to make sure your latency is down or else the Kore is very laggy. Having lag on a control surface is a very distracting and unnatural feeling, and adds to inefficiency. We once plugged it in after starting up the software, and it caused a crash. Other than that it seemed to be fairly stable, just plug it in before starting your software.


We only used this for a short while before returning it. We were hoping it would speed up all of the parameter editing we were having to do in kontakt by having it available at our fingertips. However, between the parameter mapping you have to always do, the lack of sufficient knobs, and the lag caused by latency, it actually took more time to make use of Kore. Maybe it's just the way we work, but for us it was not helpful. For us the value was not good, but maybe for others it would be. I wouldn't get it again, but I wouldn't necessarily discourage others from trying it out.