Brainspawn Forte Ensemble
Brainspawn Forte Ensemble
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theaudioandvideoguy 07/25/2012

Brainspawn Forte Ensemble : theaudioandvideoguy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"had too many issues"

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Brainspawn Forte Ensemble is mainly used as a vst for live performance, one thing to keep in mind is that when using this vst you will need a host application that can handle it. Most of us make the mistake and purchase this thinking that no matter what we are using we will be ok and it will work fine but we are way wrong. I have made this mistake when using this and I know plenty others that have made the same mistake. I have used this in several host applications and has caused numerous problems and error messages and just flat out doesn’t work well for me in almost any host application that I use. This is the reason that I have gotten rid of it, maybe it’s a problem on Brainspawns part and maybe they should have put out more details of which host applications that Brainspwn Forte Ensemble will work with. But when I contacted Brainspawn and alerted them with the errors that I was getting they said that something had to be wrong with my drivers. So I downloaded the drivers from the link they sent thinking that that would help but I had no luck and nothing changed. I kept getting error messages and Brainspawn was making my system run really slow every single time that I used it, and the laptop that I was using was a pretty good one at the time. Which was about 3 years ago, I actually still use that same laptop till this day and no other software has gave me problems like Brainspawn did.


Installing Brainspawn was simple as ever, but as soon as I go to open it up that’s when all the problems start. I didn’t even bother using it on some of my other systems because I was fed up with a program that I just paid for didn’t work on my main set up for live situations. But Brainspawn did actually take it back, for some odd reason companies normally wont let you return software, but I got to return this.


I would be very weary before purchasing this, and make sure that your system and host can run it. The sound quality is good, but it is not great. There is a lot of room for improvement with Brainspawn Forte Ensemble.