Elektrostudio Analog Pack [Freeware]
Elektrostudio Analog Pack [Freeware]

Analog Pack [Freeware], バーチャルインストゥルメントバンドル from Elektrostudio.

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stompboxjon 07/06/2012

Elektrostudio Analog Pack [Freeware] : stompboxjon のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"great plus its free"

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The Elektro Studio Analog Pack is a pack of 10 or maybe 9 different free ware vst’s for your windows computer. At this point it is only on windows and can not be used on a mac. Some of the things you will get in this pack are , Ocet, Davo synth, Micromoon and Micromoog, also Roland Juno -6. So you do get some cool stuff with this pack, but best of all is that it is all freeware. I havent seen a pack of vst’s that are all free. Im not sure why they would give them all away free but im not complaining. I still to this day use a lot of them and have them installed on about 2 different pc’s of mine. You can even used most of the vst as stand alone softwares too if needed. Or if you just want to use them as a vst you can just download the dll files and put them in your vst folder, go into your program and refresh the vst list and they will all show up. They will work great in your sequencing software or your daw and you will get no freezes or crashes. I actually expected a few issues just because they are free. I didn’t expect them to work this good.

It is very good to have a pack of freeware like this. When I first downloaded this pack back in 2010 I thought that something wasn’t right with them being “free” and didn’t want to illegally download software so I really didn’t some checking up on it and come to find out they where really free. What more coud you want , get 10 free vst’s all at the time and they will all work great and not take up much cpu. You need to go find a download link for these vst’s right away. it’s a must have for your collection of sounds and presets.