Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Omnisphere

Omnisphere, バーチャル・ハイブリッド・シンセ from Spectrasonics.

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synfactory 08/18/2011

Spectrasonics Omnisphere : synfactory のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"The only Virtual Synth you will ever need!"

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Omnisphere is a Virtual Synth available on Mac and Windows systems, in 32 and 64 bit versions.

It features more than 40 GB of samples, full fx racks, hundred of presets, and a lot of different kind of synthesis engines and features that includes:

Oscillators can be sample-based or synth-based
Up to 10 oscillators per patch with new Harmonia™ feature
Flex-Mod™ modulation system allows powerful modular-style routing
Dual Layer architecture
High-definition streaming engine
Variable DSP Oscillator Waveshapes
Sophisticated Unison Detuning
Variable Analog Feel
Modulatable Hard Sync
Granular Synthesis
Innovative Chaos Envelopes
Polyphonic Timbre Shifting
Polyphonic Timbre Crushing
Polyphonic Waveshaper
Polyphonic Ring Modulation
Polyphonic Glide
FM Oscillators
Dual Filter architecture per Layer
Create filter combinations in series or parallel
Arrange and blend more than 17 Filter algorithms
Fully modulatable FX racks
Alternate tuning scales supported
6 full-featured LFOs per patch
8 Advanced Multi-breakpoint looping Envelopes per patch
Unique Dual Envelope interface - Simple ADSR-style or Advanced Graphic-style
Sampled soundsources can be processed with synthesis features!

I’ve used this in Logic Pro 8 and 9, in 32 and 64 bit mode without a problem.
I have a Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core with 8 GB of ram and a White Macbook with Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu with 4 GB of Ram.
The installation is really easy and the the manual is well written.


The software reacts really well, however to use its full potential you need to have at least 4 gb of ram. With 8 gb and in 64 bit it works like a charm.


I've buyed and demoed a lot of virtual and hardware synths over the years.
I've also had an Access Virus TI polar, but I wanted a simpler and more cost effective setup.
I've used, absynth, Massive, Predator and a lot of other until I found Omnisphere.
I can simply say that it covers everything you will ever dream about a Synth, and also beyond that point.
From Reversed Piano, to full on aggressive Industrial Leads, it covers all the ground.
The synth engines, the fx, the preset manager, etc. all in this Virtual Instrument screams "Top Notch Quality".
Don't be discouraged by the price, the first five minutes you will use it, you will want to sell everything else in your keyboard arsenal.
Outstanding product, from a perfect Company!!