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songboy 12/31/2009

Rob Papen Albino : songboy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I have not had any compatibility issues running this plugin in Logic 9 and Abelton 8 with my Macbook and Presonus firepod/firebox. 
In all honesty, I have had trouble with the manuals when I go back to read them.  It seems like they are either written by a child or written in another language then translated...poorly.  I guess I am picky but when verbs are conjugated improperly and sentences lack real structure, I find myself lost.  So no, its not very clear due to that.  I can find an answer here and there if I look, but for the most part, it follows standard synth configuration.  Its just a matter of getting use to the interface and learning how to use the step sequencer.  Yes, the typical functions are all right in front of you, again, you just have to get used to the interface. 


It has seemed to perform perfectly so far.  Midi goes in, sound comes out and all the options work without a hitch.  The software appears to be completely stable, no crashes and no presets ever lost.  Like all of Rob Papen's synths, this thing sounds awesome.  The plugins are heralded for there wonderful, analog sounding patches.  Most if not all of the Presets will get you pretty close to an awesome sound, especially when you get confident with the layout.  I have been using this plugin for about 6 months.


What I like most about this synth is the step sequencer being right in the main interface.  I have seen some plugins where you have to flip back and forth between the actual synth controls and the step sequencer.  That can get old quick and hinder creativity, so good job Rob.  There isn't anything I don't like about this synth.  Good sounds, easy controls and simple step sequencer.  The sound is amazing, as you would expect from Rob Papen.  Ableton offers some step sequencers that come in handy as well as Native instruments FM8's sequencer.  They all do their jobs well enough.  Yes, I would buy this again.  Rob Papen stuff is always worth the money.