HG Fortune ProtoPlasm [Freeware]
HG Fortune ProtoPlasm [Freeware]

ProtoPlasm [Freeware], バーチャル・ハイブリッド・シンセ from HG Fortune.

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johnrae 06/23/2012

HG Fortune ProtoPlasm [Freeware] : johnrae のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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HG Fortune's ProtoPlasm Synth is an "Athmo, Soundscape, Pad & Texture Synthesizer", featuring one dedicated Attack Oscillator with 50 waveforms controllable by adjustable velocity amount, Super Modulation Morphing via Mod Wheel at selectable rows for the Mod Matrix, Modulation Matrix for LFOs with positive and negative inputs, LKO system for delay with four key-dependant modes, Three digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 128 different waveforms, One LP filter (24db Lowpass) with ADSR EG, Filter FM and keytracking, One HP filter (12db Hipass) with ADSR EG, Filter FM and keytracking, Two shapeable LFO with pattern-like waveforms, One LFO with 21 complex waveforms and free speed adjustment, One shapeable Sample & Hold with pattern, Stereo-delay and many more little goodies. The synth is feature packed, and is SO cool! It's great for pads and textures, and packed with odd samples and waveforms. The combinations are literally endless with this synth, and this is one of the best in it's kind, and there's a free version, which offers 4 oscillators instead of 8.


The plugin is as easy to set up as placing a .dll file in your chosen plugin directory and opening your DAW. There's no installation, authorizations or anything of that sort. Protoplasm's performance is perfect, there are no bugs or crashing, even on my rather old computer. It's very plug and play, while staying very full featured which is awesome. The synth isn't very tricky to operate, it only took me a few minutes to get up and running and programming my own patches. I don't use this on every song per se, but it sees plenty of action.


Overall the synth is great for the price. There is a paid version which costs about 30 dollars, and a free version. There are only minor differences between the two however, and I'm willing to sacrifice only having 4 oscillators for 30 bucks. If you need a good pad synth, I highly recommend this, as it's simply innovative and original, offering a plethora of great sounds.