Toontrack Vintage Rock EZX
Toontrack Vintage Rock EZX

Vintage Rock EZX, バーチャルドラム/パーカッション from Toontrack in the EZ Drummer series.

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peepsaudio 09/09/2008

Toontrack Vintage Rock EZX : peepsaudio のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The format of these samples is in a proprietary Toontrack style. This is an expansion for ezDrummer, so these drums can only be used in your original ezDrummer plug-in. It is based on individual multi-layered drum samples which is organized into kits, and you get a few different kits to choose from with the ability to mix and match different drums from different kits. You are also given a large MIDI library of different grooves. The MIDI library for this expansion is really great, with some really creative grooves that can help inspire writing.


The drums on this really do sound vintage. Everything is very dead and muted sounding, which reminds me of drums from the 70's, especially the Fleetwood Mac type. The drums are still very full and powerful sounding though, and you can mix the balance of them in the built in mixer. If that is the sound you are going for, you won't be disappointed. They did a great job with the sample layering, and there is a humanization feature, so you really can get very realistic sounding drum tracks. This particular expansion also has the best MIDI grooves of the whole ezDrummer line in my opinion, so it is much easier to suit the grooves to your song. You can also of course drag and drop the MIDI files out of the MIDI browser built in to the interface so you can edit the grooves to suit your music.


I have had this expansion since it came out, since I am a big fan of the ezDrummer line. The best thing about this is the ease of getting a great vintage drum sound, which can be difficult to match with real drums, especially if you only have a live sounding room. The drums all sound very close and dry, which can be desirable depending on the song. If I were to complain, I would say that the cymbals are not really that good sounding. The same with the hi-hat, it's a little bit chunky sounding. The drums and toms are great though. If you want a vintage drum sound, I know of no other product out there that can match this one, so it's a great value. I would get it again, I use this all the time.