Toontrack Nashville EZX
Toontrack Nashville EZX

Nashville EZX, バーチャルドラム/パーカッション from Toontrack in the EZ Drummer series.

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peepsaudio 09/08/2008

Toontrack Nashville EZX : peepsaudio のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This, like the other Toontrack software, installs very easily with little input from you. All the sample loading is automatic so you mostly just click Next a few times. You do have to authorize it online with your serial number, so you'll want to have internet access, although there is a more time consuming alternative if you don't have internet access. I had no compatibility issues, just installed it and it integrated itself with my existing ezDrummer Original installation. No additional configuration necessary. The manual is very simple and easy to read while providing information on every function.


I have a windows XP based Dell computer with a dual core processor that is running Nuendo with a MOTU sound card. Nashville works perfectly fine with my system. The performance is just like the other ezDrummer programs - fairly light on CPU but heavy on RAM. The Nashville EZX in particular uses a lot of ram - I believe this one is closer to ~300MB by default. This software is very stable, I can't remember it ever crashing.


I have had this for maybe 6 months, I got it right when it came out after eagerly awaiting it. The sounds are really great, you can definitely come close to achieving that great Nashville drum sound they have perfected in Tennessee. The snares sound especially great, they really have a good wallop. In this expansion you are also given a new mixer channel for Compressed Room sound, which is handy since it saves you the trouble of trying to set that up yourself on your DAW. It helps a lot in achieving a bigger drum sound. If I had to complain, I would say that there is kind of a long wait for the samples to load, probably 2-3 times as long as other sample plug-ins usually take to load for the same amount of data. It is worth the wait though. You also get to decide between traditional drum sticks and brushes, which is great because a lot of times the regular sticks are too hard or too much power for a particular song. The MIDI library provided is extensive and tasteful, and they really nailed the train beats that are normally very hard to recreate with drum software. This is a great value if you want good sounding, easy to create drum tracks for your country or pop productions. I love it, Toontrack does it again.