Schecter Ultra III
Schecter Ultra III

Ultra III, V/XPL/FB モデル from Schecter in the TSH series.

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moosers 03/24/2008

Schecter Ultra III : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Made In Korea..22 or 23 frets, 3 pick-ups (the standard Ultra III)...


The feel of this guitar is pretty good, it isn't as smooth as some other guitar I've played, but its pretty easy to play, great for both lead and rhythm playing. It's a very heavy guitar but it's well worth it for the sound of it.


I love it because I feel I can get very diverse tones between the three pick ups. I use it mostly with my 1976 Fender Twin Reverb along with a few effects pedals (DL4, Boss comp, chorus and distortion)...I feel that with this guitar I can get some great lead tones as well as heavy distortion or a great clean sound. I listen to mostly anything so I'm always trying out new sounds and this guitar is great for that.


I've had this guitar for about two years now and I've enjoyed adding it to my repertoire. Although its very heavy, I don't really mind it, you get used to it and its definitely worth it for the great feel and the sound. If you are looking for a guitar in this price range I would definitely give this one a shot.