VANGUARD PRO FR 202 US, V/XPL/FB モデル from Kramer.

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BrokenDream 02/10/2014

Kramer VANGUARD PRO FR 202 US : BrokenDream のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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The true vanguard pro US FR202 was made in the USA but Kramer only made around 2000 of them due to the overall cost of materials and production. There are a number of FR202 model Kramers that were "setup and assembled in the US but the body was machined in Korea. The difference is barely noticeable. There's a subtle difference in the lower wing (Korean model had a slightly more abrupt lower wing angle whereas the true US version has no corner before the neck joint, the US version was north American Alder and the Korean version was alder but I'm unsure where iy came from. Also the US version has only Dot inlays made from mother of pearl and the korean fretboard had inlays which were pearloid. Otherwise the two models were identical.
Maple 5 piece elliptical tapered neck, neck through Floyd Rose floating tremolo
5 way selector with push pull volume that tapped coils on quadrail pickups, one volume one tone Gotoh tuners


Beautiful tone, excellent playability, rock solid construction. Quality is easily on par with. Jackson US Rhoads V. Lightweight but feels flying V I've ever owned or even played for that matter.


I play primarily technical metal, hard rock, and lead. This guitar is amazing for these styles of music. Cleans are beautiful and crisp. Very warm. Distortions are simply amazing. Both have what seems like never ending sustain. Clarity off the charts.


Only downside is the true US model was only offered from late October to late December in 2003. Then replaced by its Korean counterpart. Thus it's basically impossible to find one. I have played guitar since i was 6 (41) now. And owned easily a hundred or more guitars. This is hands down the best Rhoads style V I've ever encountered. Quality is off the charts. I am lucky to have come across this guitar when they were available and hope never to have to part with it.