Blue Microphones Snowflake
Blue Microphones Snowflake

Snowflake, USB microphone from Blue Microphones.

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mooseherman 02/02/2011

Blue Microphones Snowflake : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Awesome USB mic! "

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This is a really cool new microphone designed by Blue. They have an amazing selection of microphones, and this one, while a lot different from most of the other microphones I've tried, has a lot going for it as well. It's a USB condenser mic, which wasn't even in existence a few years ago. It's an attempt to bring more clarity and depth to the sounds that can be achieved with a USB microphone. I must say that it succeeds very well. I'm surprised that it costs so little as well, since it has such a rich sound for a small microphone.


This is a great microphone to purchase if you frequently are talking over the internet via SKYPE or Google voice chat. While the built-in computer mics of today are getting better and better, having a nice clear microphone can make these conversations much more enjoyable. If you have to record narration for a presentation, have a meeting online, or need some way to make your voice sound better without buying a whole lot of equipment, this is a great mic to have.
I was also surprised at how well it worked as a mic for music. It can realistically record vocals, guitars, and can actually pretty accurately pick up a whole room sound. I use it in Garage band with good results. These are really only demo quality, and for that they work great. But you could record videos to put on youtube with this mic and have great sound with it.
Overall this is just a great addition. While USB mics aren't really known for great sound, Blue has made a product that, for me, disproves the idea that they can't make sound great. While they aren't suited to record professionally, they can make your internet life much easier, and they can prevent you from having to setup a Pro Tools session if you want to make a quick demo.