Tascam US-122L
Tascam US-122L

US-122L, USB audio interface from Tascam.

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Pjones9 07/19/2014

Tascam US-122L : Pjones9 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Good quality for the cost, great for demos!"

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I bought the Tascam US-122 looking for an affordable audio interface to record demos of my songs, and I wasn't disappointed! Since it's powered via USB, it's very useful for anyone who works on a laptop, light and portable.
It has two phantom-powered mic inputs and two line-level inputs, so if what you need is to record a single source or a guitar and a microphone the US-122 will get the job done.


I work on Logic Pro mostly, and I did find some issues regarding the interface's compatibility. I had to download the drivers and although they were compatible with Apple Core Audio sometimes the software would not recognize the US-122 so I had to unplug it and set up again, but that would fix the problem most of the time. Also I had some minor latency issues, however as I said before, those were probably happening because of the lack of compatibility with the software I used.


The configuration is very simple, after the installation you can start recording right away. All the typical functions are at hand. I stated above some of the compatibility issues that I had with the Tascam US-122.


This was the first audio interface I bought. Since at the time what I wanted from this audio interface was just recording demos, I found it very useful for that purpose and I'm happy with the work I did with it; however if you want to do audio work that requires great quality this would not be my choice. The Tascam US-122 is great for beginners, mobile recording systems and hobbyist musicians, etc. I still believe that it is a great interface to begin with. It's easy to use and affordable. But if you are serious about producing music with professional audio quality you should consider upgrading.