Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture
Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture

UA-1010 Octa-Capture, USB audio interface from Roland in the UA series.

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mrjason 02/06/2013

Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture : mrjason のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great sounding preamps"

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The Roland Octa Capture is a USB Audio Interface that is on the higher end of the price scale when it comes to smaller portable interfaces. But it is built very well and has 8 very good microphone preamps built into it. These microphone preamps are some of the best preamps that I have heard out of an interface of this size. The Octa Capture is also very low latency and can work on a Mac computer or a PC computer. It comes with Cakewalk software which I am not a huge fan of so I used it with Reason and Cubase and never had any issues with it.


Setting this interface up is easy no matter what DAW you want to use with it, I just set it up as I would any other interface. After loading in the drivers just went into my audio connections in my DAW programs and located the Octa Capture and that was it. This interface also has MIDI I/O as well as coaxial input and output connectors.


The sound quality while recording with this interface is amazing. As long as you have a microphone that can work well with the preamps you will have no issues getting a great sound from home. The price of this interface is what kept me from purchasing it right away. I though 700 dollars was a little expensive for an interface that couldn’t give me a bunch of channels/tracks to record on simultaneously.


Most of Rolands production are built well so I knew there had to be something worth that 700 dollars. It was the preamps! The preamps are what I was paying for here and now I take this interface with me almost anywhere because everyone around me loves recording with it. I have tried it out with over 5 different microphones now and all of them sounded great.