M-Audio Fast Track Pro
M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Fast Track Pro, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the Fast Track series.

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Hatsubai 06/29/2011

M-Audio Fast Track Pro : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Similar to the Fast Track"

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The M-Audio Fast Track Pro is the next step up in the Fast Track world. You have a few more features that make it a bit more desirable. This pre features an insert cable for outboard processors, 2 balanced outputs, 4 unbalanced outputs, S/PDIF with 2 channel PCM, MIDI I/O, headphone output with level control, headphone A/B with source switch, input/playback mix control for monitoring, mono switch for playback monitoring, master output level, USB 2.0 and bundled software.


The device is setup pretty nicely. I'm a big fan that it has MIDI. For some reason, people don't like to include MIDI in all of these devices. I'm not sure why because MIDI is such an important part of the recording process in today's world. Heck, it was important even back in the 80s. There are no annoying breakout cables to have to utilize with this, so that's great. I'm a huge fan of self contained pres like this. Everything is laid out in an easy to use manner, and the quality is pretty good. The pres themselves don't sound the best, but they definitely get the job done. I've heard much worse converters out there.


Getting this set up is super simple. You just plug in the devices to their corresponding ports, open up your DAW, set up your preferences (making sure this device is selected) and you're ready to make music. This comes with Pro Tools LE, and it's a great DAW to start using. Once you master this, you can really use any other DAW out there, and I'm glad they include that. That said, don't be afraid to try out other DAWs such as Reaper. There are some really great ones out there that have a bit more versatility when it comes to using VSTs and other plugins.


This is probably my favorite M-Audio device for the price. It's packed full of features, super simple to use and sounds pretty good. The converters aren't the best in the world, but they're certainly not the worst. I wish it was firewire, but that's a personal gripe I have with most of these devices today.