Alesis iO|2 Express
Alesis iO|2 Express

iO|2 Express, USB audio interface from Alesis in the iO series.

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sw80 03/04/2013

Alesis iO|2 Express : sw80 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Ok for first portable interface"

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The Alesis iO2 Express is an Audio Interface that has a very basic layout and design. The knobs appear to look like they are made out of heavy materials but they really are not and this could be an issue if the unit gets dropped. This interface only cost around 80 dollars though so I didn’t expect for it to be made out of the best materials. I was using this interface for my mobile set up for a few months. It is a 2 input unit with and XLR microphone input and ¼ TRS input for other units to be running into it. It gets its power directly from my laptop so there was no need to have any other power sources for it. I just kept it in my laptop bag and I was good to go no matter where I was.


Using and setting up the iO2 Express was very easy, it even came with a copy of Steinberg Cubase LE, which I used with it for a while. It worked great with Cubase and recording simple songs and stuff with this interface sounded great until I tried to record some more intricate stuff with it like instruments and other sound sources and it was just not able to handle everything I wanted to throw at it. Also I wanted to record more instruments and voices simultaneously and that just was not possible so I was forced to upgrade.


The manual was easy to read and navigate through. I ran this interface and software on my Windows Vista computer running 32 bit and it also worked on my older XP laptop just fine as well.


I never had any driver issues with this interface or any type of crashes with it. It has worked great every single time that I used it. I do question its durability though when used and traveled with a lot.