Lanikai LU-21
Lanikai LU-21

LU-21, ウクレレ from Lanikai.

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moosers 08/31/2011

Lanikai LU-21 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Lanikai LU-21 is a soprano ukulele that I have used in a recording studio setting. I'm not an owner of one of these, but a studio that I work at frequently both as an engineer and artist has one and I've used it there. It's not really a professional's instrument as it's more for beginners and intermediate ukulele players, though I consider myself a beginner hands down. The instrument is pretty well built although it's not acoustic/electric at all so there aren't any electronics here.


The Lanikai LU-21 actually has a pretty nice feel as I find it pretty easy to play. I'm not a great player at all, but I do know some basic chords and have had the ability to play a bit on some recordings that I've done. I've got a cheaper ukulele at home, but not too much cheaper and this one is definitely nicer. It's easier to play and it's not hard to get a nice sound out of it, but of course this will only take you as far as how well you play.


The sound of the Lanikai LU-21 is pretty sweet overall. It's nice a light and seems to fit well within a mix as long as you play a proper part. I've both played this on a recording and recorded someone else playing it, and both times I think I got a pretty good sound with it. It's not the richest sounding ukulele that I've heard, but it does sound good enough for use on recordings and the sound is definitely good enough for beginner and intermediate players who can't spend the big bucks on a truly professional ukulele.


The Lanikai LU-21 is the perfect choice if you're looking for a soprano ukulele that won't cost you much but that also is a good sounding, playable instrument, and not a toy. It's one of the best ukuleles that I've played in the $100 (US) dollars or less category and I do wish that I knew about it when I picked up my ukulele, which isn't quite as good as was only a bit cheaper than this one. If you're really good at ukulele, chances are that you will find this to be a beginner's instrument, but for the rest of us, the LU-21 will probably suit just fine.