Numark Pro TT2
Numark Pro TT2

Pro TT2, ターンテーブル from Numark in the Pro TT series.

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FP User 11/01/2008

Numark Pro TT2 : FP User のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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These "features" are all gimmicks.....a turntable has one job, and one job spin a record at a given speed. That's all. Reverse? who cares. Wider pitch range? All a wider pitch range does is make it HARDER to zero in on a certain speed. +/-8% is all you really need, any more or less is not necessary. And that LCD screen is also useless, as the pitch display isn't completely accurate.

On the contrary to the above review, the quality of wiring and circuitry inside the table DOES have something to do with sound quality. After using my Stanton Trackmaster RS cartridges on both my 1200's and the TT-2's, I noticed a decrease in sound clarity and bass extension.

Of course it's easy to use. drop a record, press the start button.

This is obviously another table that has aspired, yet failed, to be a 1200. As with all 1200 wannabes, the platter is much lighter and easier to stop with my index finger (same with PDX-2000's). The chassis is not as durable, and I would be surprised to see this table in ANY club/bar/rave. It's still better than most other junk tables out there, but it IS NO 1200.

I, like many others, found some of the gimmicks fun to mess around with for a little while. But after a few hours of spin/skratch time, I began to doubt the LONG TERM durability of this product. Long after this table sh*ts the bed, my 1200's will still be faithfully doing their job. And 1200's are only $50 more/ piece than these TT-2's. IT IS WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY. If you're gonna drop $800/pair for decks, what's another $100????

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