Universal Audio 2-610

2-610, 真空管プリアンプ from Universal Audio.

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moosers 02/25/2009

Universal Audio 2-610 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Universal Audio 2-610 is a dual channel mic preamp. It is an analog based unit and is rackable - it will take up two rack spaces. It has a built in 1/4 inch input in the front for direct input use and it also has XLR connectors in the back. It also has built in EQ for each channel.


The configuration of the preamp is easy to follow, even though there are a few different things going on in each channel. On each of the preamps you have a gain knob, a switch to choose between mic, line, or hi-z input, a leveling knob and two preset EQ knobs, with the ability to add gain or attenuate six different frequencies. It also has a phaser switch. The manual is pretty complete, but this should be easy enough to set up and use that most won't need to use it.


The sound quality of this the Universal Audio 2-610 is clean and has a full body sound to it. It won't color your sound and will portray an accurate sound from your microphones. It is easy to get a quick good sound from this, and you can further shape your sound with EQ that has smart frequency choices and is clean as well. The 2-610 contains two high quality preamps, and is definitley backed up by the sound.


I've been using the Universal Audio 2-610 mic preamp for about a year. It is always great to have a dual channel external mic preamp that will give you a different sound than that of your board or audio interface. Universal Audio is one of the best when it comes to making outboard preamplifiers and compressor and the 2-610 fits right in with that. Since these are top notch in terms of how well they are built, it isn't the cheapest set of preamps on the market. This being said, for the professional that is looking for top quality, this is probably worth the price. The Universal Audio 2-610 is a pair of great sounding preamps with a lot of versatility to them.