TL Audio PA-1 2-Channel Pentode Tube Preamp
TL Audio PA-1 2-Channel Pentode Tube Preamp

PA-1 2-Channel Pentode Tube Preamp, 真空管プリアンプ from TL Audio in the Valve Classic series.

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moosers 03/01/2010

TL Audio PA-1 2-Channel Pentode Tube Preamp : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The TL Audio 'Valve Classics Series' PA-1 is a dual channel, tube based microphone preamplifier. It has XLR connections for the inputs and outputs on both of the channels in the back, as well as 1/4" outputs. In the front there are 1/4" connections as well for plugging your instrument directly into the preamps. It is rack form, and will take up two spaces.


Each of the two channels on the TL Audio "Valve Classics Series" PA-1 are the same, both with a good amount of parameters to work with. Each has knobs for level, hi and low cut, trim, and gain db. They also have buttons for phase reverse and +48 V phantom power. There are also VU meters for each channel. A manual isn't necessary for experienced compressor users, although I haven't seen it so I don't know anything about it.


Being that the TL Audio "Valve Classics Series" PA-1 is a tube based mic preamp, it certainly has a warm sound that you would expect for a unit like this. You can definitely vary your sound a bit, but the general sound that these pres have is generally what you're going to get, meaning you can only change your tone in the vicinity of the main sound of the PA-1. I like having both the low and hi cut options, as it makes it easier to tailor to different applications. The PA-1 is suitable for use with any type of voice or instrument, but it will take a little while to figure out what it will work best for in your studio.


The TL Audio "Valve Classics Series" PA-1 is an in between priced stereo preamp, that can easily swing into both the professional and home studio world. While it is probably most often found in a professional studio because of its great sound, I could easily see it being in a home studio as a go to option to get a great tube sound without having to spend a ton of cash. The TL Audio PA-1 is definitely one of the better priced tube preamps out there, considering it doesn't sacrifice sound quality to make the price...