Seymour Duncan SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem
Seymour Duncan SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem

SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem, Tube Guitar Preamp from Seymour Duncan in the SFX series.

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tjon901 06/01/2011

Seymour Duncan SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Seymour Duncans take on a metal pedal"

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The Twin Tube Mayhem is one of the pedals in Seymour Duncans twin tube line of pedals. This pedal is designed to get a high gain metal tone. It is not really a pedal as much as it is a preamp. It has a couple of tubes in it to add warmth to the sound so you dont have to use it with your amps preamp. It has a true bypass switch so it does not color your sound when you dont want it to. It has 5 knobs on its face. The knobs are a Volume Knob, Bass, Mid, Treble and gain. It has a low and high frequency switch and too foot switches. The first foot switch controls the on and off operation of the pedal and the 2nd is a built in boost.


The pedal is solidly built. It has an all steel chassis and the tubes in it are super durable. The knobs are big enough to be adjusted on the fly but the switches are pretty small. The knobs have a little bump in the middle of the sweep so you can feel when they are at noon. This is a nice feature to let you know where you are at if you cannot see the pedal. The writing on the pedal can be hard to read because of the script it is in. The pedal comes with an ac adapter and it will only work with the included adapter.


The high and low freqency switch makes or breaks the pedal for me. In the middle of the pedal there is a switch that adjusts the midrange. The midrange is the most important part of a metal tone. The mid control on the pedal lets you sweep the midrange from 600Hz to a crazy 1.4kHZ. This pedal sounds pretty thin over all. The bass knob does not help much. It kinda sounds more like a treble cut then a bass knob. The boost knob is a clean boost that you can switch from 4 to 8db. I wish you could use the boost knob without having the overdrive on but you cant. The boost only works if you have the gain from the pedal switched on.


I did not like this pedal much. Since it is advertised as a preamp pedal you are supposed to be able to use it on its own without having to be in front of another amp. The sound the pedal puts out on its own is too thin. The sound relies on you having a thick power section to go with it. It can not hang on its own. I would recommend a solid amp over this pedal.