DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System
DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System

2112 Studio Guitar System, Tube Guitar Preamp from DigiTech.

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phraseland 12/13/2008

DigiTech 2112 Studio Guitar System : phraseland のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This unit has been in my posession for almost ten years now and I don't think I have ever used it to its full potential. I also own the footswitch which integrates very nicely with this unit.
There is a tube and a transistor circuit built in and the effects are mostly digital (with the exception of the analog wah-wah). The 2112 does pretty much have it all and when it came out it was the envy of every guitar player.
You get to choose from a huge selection of distortions, effects and routing possibilites and two separate effect paths allow for seamless switching and morphing between sounds.
There is an instrument input on the front and stereo outputs on the back. You can add a separate effect into the chain if you want to and also connect external controllers.
Effects are being selected by a big knob made out of aluminium...the whole thing is basically built like an amp and it is sad to look at this thing and then consider what Digitech is putting out these days.


This unit is not easy to program. This is not because the menu is complicated - there is just so much you can do with it. The presets want to showcase the distortions a bit too much. I really don't care for them and I would have wished a few more 'basic' presets.
The manual goes into a lot of detail and helps to get to understand this unit.
The information can be easily read on the big display and adjusting the parameters with the knobs feels quite precise.
What I don't like is that this thing doesn't have stereo inputs in the back. So if I want to use it after a stereo delay out of my pedal board I would have to go back to mono and use the input on front. This I never understood - it seems the concept of this unit was to take over all the effects...but with a professional effect like this one I should have the final say about this.


I really like the delays, reverbs and phaser sounds. The chorus is quite good as well. I also like how Digitech doesn't hesitate to dive into complete madness and lets the musician figure out a use for it. I don't use the Whammy anymore but having this effect around is quite nice as well.
I don't like the distortions at all. They always sound much too well behaved. You have the option to send different signals to the stereo output and could create a wall of sound...but for distortions I prefer my beloved pedals. The wah-wah might be analog but that doesn't make it good - it also sounds much too harmless.


As I said - I have been using the 2112 for almost ten years and ever since I got myself a decent amp, delay and a couple of overdrive pedals I have stopped taking it along. You always need a rack to set it up and even though the controller is quite nice I have began to appreciate to actually see what effects I have engaged and what not.
It does have some sweet sounds and that is also why I have been resisting to sell it. I know I will come back to it some day and make more sweet music. It is very unfortunate that these days there are not many manufacturers who dare to build a professional effects processor such as the 2112. Props for TC Electronics...but ouch! They are expensive!