Amt Electronics SS-11 Guitar Preamp
Amt Electronics SS-11 Guitar Preamp

SS-11 Guitar Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Amt Electronics in the Tube Guitar Preamp series.

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iamqman 04/07/2011

Amt Electronics SS-11 Guitar Preamp : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Not to often do I get this excited about a piece of gear. This unit is one of the best things that is out on the market today. It is a preamp that is basically three channels of tube goodness. This is the best offering that AMT has ever done. I love AMT units and they are so simple and easy to play with. Plus they sound so natural and authentic and the price is always affordable.

Features of SS-11 Design:
- Fully tube-based 4 stage overdrive channel with DUAL TUBE design (2x12AH7 tubes) with high-voltage anode voltage (+300 V).
- Three separate channels: CLEAN / OVERDRIVE / LEAD
- Individual gain sensitivity and output level controls for clean and crunch/lead channels.
- TREBLE SHIFT toggle switch to enter bright mode for that added punch of high end.
- FX LOOP for external effects.
- OUTPUT jack for connecting to both specialized guitar amplifiers with a standard level of 0 dB (GUITAR AMP mode) and a CAB SIM MIXER out with a standard level of -10dB and a guitar cabinet simulation.
- The preamp outputs are equipped with sophisticated solid-state buffers.
- SS-11 incorporates new field-effect transistor-based guitar cabinet impulse response emulator processing. Improved naturalness of sound when connected to line input.
- Special attention was paid to transistors anode power quality: preamp uses a specially designed high-voltage transformer minimizing the penetration of impulse noises into amplified signal.


- Tubes: 12AH7 x 2
- Input Impedance Rear Panel: 1MOhm
- Input Sensitivity Rear Panel: -10dB
- Output Impedance: 10kOhm
- Power Voltage: 12vDC (-)center
- Power Consumption: 600mA or .6A

This thing looks intimidating but it really is functionally easy to learn and figure out. The size of it is so impressive. It is basically about the size of a Boss pedal and with the features this thing has is amazing!


The sound from this pedal is amazing. It really sound as authentic as you can get with out being a full blown amp combo or head. Plugging into a mixing console is so easy and simple that makes traveling to a gig a pleasure. This is a unit that you can throw in your bag and go off to a gig without bring your half stacks. Plus the addition of having an effects loop you can plug your modulation an delays into makes it functionally splendid. All the channel sounds good and very usable. There isn't one tone that it does and the rest of it isn't usable. The entire pedal is usable and worth the money.


I would recommend this pedal to any gigging musician that need a back up amp or something where sound could be an issue and you need to go direct into a mixing console or house sound PA system. At around $400 for a new one this thing is a steal. I will own one for just simplistic purposes if I ever need something quick and easy on the go. Great for places where you need to kill the stage volume or recording purposes.