Amt Electronics SS-20 Guitar Preamp
Amt Electronics SS-20 Guitar Preamp

SS-20 Guitar Preamp, Tube Guitar Preamp from Amt Electronics in the Tube Guitar Preamp series.

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iamqman 04/07/2011

Amt Electronics SS-20 Guitar Preamp : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is a great little unit that will get you a solid rock guitar amp tone in a pint size box. Not to mention how portable this thing it is fantastic. It is very smooth and rich in its tone that makes notes just jump off your guitar neck.

The Features of SS-20:
- High-grade high-voltage feed of triodes.
- Complete elimination of operational amplifiers traditionally used in hybrid preamps for sound amplification and processing.
- Application of special semi-conductor amplifiers modeling triode-based harmonics and providing signal amplitude necessary for high-grade valve operation.


The architecture of SS-20:
–Two high-grade channels CLEAN and DRIVE with the possibility of Drive-channel operation in two basic modes: moderate sensitivity (CRUNCH) and high sensitivity (LEAD).
– Effects Loop Send and Return.
– Operation via both direct unaltered signal for guitar amplifiers heads, combos, and speakers (OUTPUT jack) as well as speaker cabinet compensated output for mixing consoles, computers, or other recording devices.

Power: External Adaptor AC 120V 12V DC .8A (included)
Tubes: 1 x 12AX7 Incandescence - 12.6V (6.3V)
Anode Voltage: DC 290V
Jacks: Amplifier Output - for Combo Connection
Mixer Output - for Mixer/Recorder Connection
Effects Loop Send and Return
Input In
Bypass: Left F Switch - DRIVE effect on/off
Right F Switch - DISTORTION effect on/off


The thing that is great is that it sounds extremely natural and articulates the notes very well. If you are on a gig where you don't have a amp or you have to use the house amp which is usually garbage then I would bring this thing along and plug straight into the mixing console. It is portable and on a last minute notice you can grab it throw it is your bag and head off to the gig. Another operation is that many players have to travel to gigs and don't have the comfort or lack there of to carry their half stacks and this is something that will do you right in a jam.


This unit is such a great tool for gigging musicians who needs something portable and handy that can go anywhere and even on a plane. I know where guitarists have to rent a Marshall head or something where they make appearance and there is no need for that if you have a pocket amp like this one.

At new they come at around $350 which is great for a little preamp. You could probably find it cheaper on ebay or something. Great buy for the money.