Randall RM 50 HB
Randall RM 50 HB

RM 50 HB, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Randall.

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iamqman 07/31/2011

Randall RM 50 HB : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Two preamp head"

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Randall has really taken a hold on the module industry. Them and Egnater have really grabbed the preamp modules and owned the entire market of this industry. You can basically put any type of preamp sound you can think of in this unit, because there probably is a preamp design out there that will do any sound that you want. Now there are builders strickly just for modules.

Honestly this has been such a breakthrough design in recent years. Since there is no much musical influence nowadays , many guitars have influences that go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Finding and amp that can do all of that is pretty much impossible. Well until now it has been impossible. This is a two preamp holder head. Which means that you can fit two of your favorite preamps in the slots and you get 50 watts of power. This is the only different from the 100 watt version which can hold three preamps at one time.


Randall RM50HB 50-Watt Modular Tube Amp Head Features:

* 50W of power using Ruby 6L6 tubes
2 modular channels for plugging in Randall preamps
Master volume, master density and presence controls, and front panel mix control
Tube-buffered parallel effects loop
Series effects loop
Slave out
Rear master input (for volume pedal)
Rear bias test points
World voltage AC input selector
25"W x 13"H x 10"D
32 lbs.


This is really a preamp shell. There are no tones at all in this amp. You must go out and buy from Randall or Egnater the preamp voicings that you want. You have three options to put in the slots provided.If you don't like the preamp module you can always dump it and try something else and a minimal cost. Guys on the internet are always buying and selling modules to find that sweet spot in their guitar rig. Randall has built just about any preamp module you can think of. So it can take come exploring and trial and error to find the right one you want for your sound.One of my favorite modules is the Mr.Scary from George Lynch. I really love that module a lot. It is thick and fat sounding and turns even the most ordinary guitar into a shredder.


At new you can pick these amps shell up for right at around $900. Not a bad price for two channel power amp shell that fits two of your favorite modules. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a simple amp that can be ultra customized to fit your tonal needs.