Randall RM 50 HB
Randall RM 50 HB

RM 50 HB, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Randall.

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crankyrayhanky 07/24/2012

Randall RM 50 HB : crankyrayhanky のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Excellent Gigging Tones"

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This amp is running on tubes...the choice of tubes is totally versatile due to the external biasing controls. I have almost zero tech skills, but with the use of a $20 voltmeter from RadioShack, even i can make the necessary adjustments. I usually ran 6L6s, but played with a variety of tubes including el34, 5881, 6v6, and even 6v6 with my yellowjackets. Plenty of other choices possible, so the world is your tube oyster. Note that this particular mts amp has only 1 bias control (unlike the rm100), so it is best to install matched tubes fro optimal performance. The wattage changes according to the tube type, but basically a 50watt head. Presence and density controls are excellent additions to the power stage. I usd the loop sparingly, but it sounded excellent. Modules to install are vast; i recommend modded modules to really vault this amp into a high boutique stratosphere. Stock Grail, Scary, and KH1 are excellent choices and would give most players the variety of tones needed for gigs. this amp really sings with the fender based modules and would rock on a blues gig. I own several mts heads and oodles of modules, so yes, I LOVE this head.


Pretty simple to get a good sound- put all knobs at noon and the sound is decent. As stated above, modded modules are the way to go. I personally love Salvation for modern hi gain and gigmods for clean and Marshall-mid gain. Jaded Faith h was come on strong and offers excellent tones, as does Sacred Groove. Voodoo and Racksytems are well known for their work...I've played modules from all of the above and really love them all in different ways- it all depends on your playing style and needs.I'd keep away from modders not on this list as the quality may vary.


I use many guitars: Gibson, Peavey, Fender...I literally get any sound I want out of this system. The module availability is extraordinary, but watch out, it can get costly!


I love the modern hi gain tones; that is where I usually reside. But the Bluesy clean tones are extraordinary, as are the cleans and mid gain rock. the 3rd party modders are what sets this system apart from any amp on this price level. If you intend on staying with stock modules, you may want to shop around...stock is decent, but I imagine there are plenty of amps that could compete and do better. But the modded mods are truly a boutique level.One strange criticism concern the "boost". Plug a single button fottswitch and it may boost you right through the wall! The boost essentially bypasses the master volume making it equivialnt to pumping it to 10. If you set the master voulem high and the modules lower, you can get a nice boost;but if your Master volume is set at anything less than 2 oclock, that boost will scare the crap out of you!