Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head

Triple Rectifier Solo Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Triple Rectifier series.

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mooseherman 06/08/2009

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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The Mesa Boogie Triple Recitifier Solo Amp Head is a tube amp head. It delivers 150 watts. It has 3 distinct channels (clean, vintage distortion and thick distortion). Each of the three channels has its own g<span style="font-family: verdana; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px;">ain, treble, midrange, bass, presence and master volume controls. It has an output level control for all channels which needs to be activated. Its got an FX loop, and it has footswitch capabilities, and the footswitch also allows you to change volume (solo volume on all channels, which is pretty useful). It has a 1/4' input and several outputs which are all 1/4". </span>


Even though it's got a lot of variety, getting good sounds out of this guy isn't too difficult. It's not the most versatile amp but it's good for gigs, mainly because it's so powerful. The three channels also makes it easy to switch between sounds, since most players won't usually need more than three amps sounds. 


This amp definitely sounds great with Les Pauls or other guitars suited to hard rock. Guitars with humbuckers are a definite must as single-coil pickups probable won't be able to handle the gain. I've even seen them do some damage with hollow-bodies. The sounds are generally best for heavier rock/metal groups, because this thing can really rock out. It cuts through almost anything and has more low end power and crunch than almost any amp I've heard, including Marshalls, who are supposed to have that sound down pat. Metallica uses these amps, if that's a good description of its sound. At this point in the game I'm not playing music that's as heavy as this, so I don't use it as much, but I still think it's a great amp for what it can do. I never was crazy about the clean tone, though I never needed a great one out of it anyway. This thing can get pretty crazy and it's easy to blow it out so be careful!


I really like the heaviness and thickness of the distortion on this amp. Most amps don't have distortion that is this powerful and crunchy. The leads are also great sounds. I really don't like the clean channel, as it's pretty hard to get a good clean sound with it. Having a good guitar helps. The one thing that is annoying about the distorted channels, especially when the amp is really cranked and the gain is up, is that it tends to mask some of the more particular qualities of the guitar. For instance, the difference between a Gibson Les Paul and an ESP isn't as great with this amp as it is with a Marshall or Fender. I feel like it's so powerful that it squashes the guitar's natural tone. 
I don't know if I would need this amp again in the near future, so I don't think I would purchase it again. If I had to recommend an amp to anybody, it generally wouldn't be this, unless they were looking for the heaviest sound they could get. I don't know anything better for that.