Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head

Triple Rectifier Solo Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Triple Rectifier series.

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SonicPulverizer 09/01/2012

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo Head : SonicPulverizer のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Evil sounds"

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The Mesa boogie Triple Rectifier is the bigger brother of the Dual Rectifier. Sporting a quad of 6l6's, this 150 watt death machine is the one amp you really need if you want those essential recorded rock and metal tones of the last three decades. The amp features three channels, each with their own three voicings assignable by toggleswitches. An effects loop is present. No onboard reverb. The Triple Rectifier allows the user to select between Bold and Spongy power as well as tube and diode rectification to further shape your tone.


The Triple Rectifier is immensely simple in operation. It will take time to dial in the right sound--as with all Mesa Boogie amplifiersa-- though it isn't difficult to find a useable sound in minutes. The amp is very well put together and is plenty reliable for gigging and touring needs. The triple rectifier is a prime example of an amp that sounds it's best when turned up to giggable volumes. It sounds great at bedroom volumes as well, but cranking the output allows for a very fun experience when the amps low end thumps you in the chest when playing.


The amp is very modern, very aggressive. Without any time based effects, the clean sound is very ugly across the board. The mid gain sounds offered on channel 2 are pleasing but the orange channel truly excels at higher gain levels. The red channel is wonderful for hard rock and metal rhythm but falls short in intelligibility for lead passages. The amp benefits greatly from an EQ pedal and a pinch of delay.


The Rectifier series has become a staple in the hard rock and metal communities. It is a very simple amplifier and it excels greatly in the area it was designed for. With a little help from pedals, the midgain and clean sounds are passable, but on their own are less than favorable. These amps have been recently replaced with a new multi-watt model, which greatly improved upon the clean and classic gain palette of tones offered. All in all, for the going used price of $1100 used, the Triple Rectifier is a viable solution for any gigging musician who needs the power and gain available.