Mesa Boogie Mark IV Head
Mesa Boogie Mark IV Head

Mark IV Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Mark IV series.

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ibanez4life SZ! 04/08/2011

Mesa Boogie Mark IV Head : ibanez4life SZ! のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Legendary Mesa tone!"

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Mesa’s Mark IV is well known for its feature laden front and back panels, including

- 85 watt simul-class power section, running either 4 6L6s and 2 EL-34s and 2 6L6s
- 5 12AX7s running the preamp
- Full and tweed power settings
- Pentode and triode power amp settings
- Simul-class and Class A power amp settings
- Shared EQ for R1 and R2, with individual gain, treble, presence, and master
- Individual EQ for Lead, with mid gain and harmonics voicing switches
- Footswitchable/assignable graphic EQ and reverb, with one reverb level
- Series effects loop with stereo outs for driving another power amp in a stereo setup
- External switching jacks for all functions


The Mark IV surely is one reason why some label Mesa amplifiers as ‘hard to dial in.’ At first glace, the layout is not very intuitive, and numerous switches and even push pull pots add to the complexity of the amplifier. All these features were designed for a purpose though, and allow the Mark IV to be a VERY, VERY versatile and tweak-able amplifier. After spending some time with it, and learning the tonal response of the features, there are few sounds this amplifier is not capable of. The GEQ allows even further tonal shaping, and using it over each channel can allow up to 6 unique sounds at your command.


The Mark series has defined a tone of its own in the high gain realm, and for good reason. R1 produces a very ‘fender-like’ clean sound, and when dialed properly, produces amazing results. The compromise comes between R1 and R2- dialing in the ideal clean sound may not allow one to use R2 to its full extent. After getting more familiar with the amp, however, I had no trouble dialing in a great clean on R1 and good crunch on R2. The lead channel defines the Boogie solo tone used by so many. It has plenty of mids, which has many users applying the GEQ for a warmer and sharper tone. Between the amps controls and GEQ options, one can dial anything from a warm, singing lead tone, all the way to CRAZY tight high gain rhythm tones.


Though tough to dial at first, spending more time with a Mark IV allows one to dial a vast variety of tones. It’s ability to produce very high gain tones, along with its legendary lead, makes it a real pleasure to play. Many players struggling with the ‘sluggish’ response of Mesa’s rectifier series find a very welcoming home with the tight tracking of the Mark IV.