Egnater Renegade Head
Egnater Renegade Head

Renegade Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Egnater in the Renegade series.

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ejecta 03/25/2011

Egnater Renegade Head : ejecta のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Really good sounding head for a good price"

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I think Bruce from Egnater has really done it right with this one. This amp has two channels with a 65 watt power section where you can dial between 6L6 or el34 power tubes. So if you like your clean tones through a 6L6 power section you can dial it that way or a variable mix with the 34's or have it all 34's as well. This same capability is available for channel two. It has your typical EQ section for each channel plus master presence and density controls with on board digital reverb. Also it has two masters so you set up a louder second volume for leads. The back feature a buffered series effects loop, cabinet simulated direct balanced output, and bias points for the tubes. For control at your feet is comes with a four button programmable footpedal.


I found it very easy on channel one to get everything from a nice chimy clean tone to a nice pushed clean tone. Channel one can also get you a nice crunchy tone as well and I tended to keep the tube mix more towards the 6L6 side. Channel two is your more gained out side. To my ear it's more Marshall voiced and has plenty of gain for rock to heavy rock. I'm not sure it suitable for a metal amp. On the second channel I kept the tube mix a mix of 6L6 and el34 leaning a tad towards el34's. I ended up upgrading the tubes and found the info in manual very very helpful and found swapping the tubes and biasing them up to be a breeze. The foot pedal functions very good too and controls much more than just channel switching. It also engages the on-board reverb, effects loop and secondary master volume with channel-assigning switches for all three. Run them on both channels or just the one you choose.


I think this amp has that Egnater tone where it has enough bottom without it being loose and enough top end without being fizzy. I found I gravitated towards the clean side more hitting it with pedals. That's not mean I didn't like the gain side but I would have liked it to be a bit more raw but still it was nice.


The price of this amp is very good considering what you get in quality and tone. Over all it's a very very good bang for the buck.