Egnater Renegade Head
Egnater Renegade Head

Renegade Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Egnater in the Renegade series.

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Everlone 07/06/2011

Egnater Renegade Head : Everlone のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Be a Renegade"

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The Egnater Renegade head is a two channel, 65 watt tube amplifier. It utilizes two 6L6’s and two EL34’s. Each channel has a Tube Mix knob enabling the user to blend whatever amount of each pair of tubes they want in each channel. Both channels also feature independent reverb controls, Bright and Tight switches, and a wattage selector (10 watts or 65 watts). The master section has two master volumes, presence and density controls. Besides switching channels, the 4-button footswitch engages the reverb, effects loop, and switches between the two master volumes, which are all assignable to one or both channels. The Renegade also has external bias points making tube swapping effortless.


It is extremely easy to dial in great sounds on the Renegade. All the controls are responsive, and the digital reverb sounds better than the old fashioned spring reverb tanks in most amps. The Bright and Tight switches are a bit subtle, but their affect becomes more obvious the louder the amp is turned up.


I use this amp with a Gibson Les Paul Custom and the Egnater 2x12 cabinet. Both the clean and overdrive channels are excellent on this amp. The clean is one of the best I’ve heard on a two channel amp. The overdrive channel has a very smooth tone; maybe too smooth. The tone seems to be lacking a certain aggressiveness that I like. I wouldn’t call this a high gain amplifier, but there is definitely quite a bit of gain on tap.


This head has a lot of bang for the buck, and sounds a lot better than more expensive heads with fewer features. I would recommend this amp to just about anybody, except for maybe someone who plays primarily metal. However, putting a boost on the overdrive channel or a distortion pedal in the clean channel would definitely do the trick.