Vox AC15 UK
Vox AC15 UK
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killerkgprime 08/26/2011

Vox AC15 UK : killerkgprime のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Classic British Crunch!"

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The Vox AC15 is an all tube El84 & 12AX7 amp, that is the lower wattage version of the heralded AC30, Vox's flagship amp that has since become one of the most recognizable amps and tones in history.

A 15W Alnico Blue Celestion speaker is the perfect for this amp, as it compliments and enhances the clarity and sweetness of the vox.


The AC15 is a very easy amp to use, and I've not been able to get an unusable tone from it. When the Top Boost is activated, the Vox cuts a bit more and has more presence, whereas the normal has a bit more body and fullness. The Top Boost has it's own independent EQ, and the master section has a volume and single knob tone cut knob.

The Tremolo has depth and speed controls, allowing you to fine tune your sound. The Reverb only has a level control, but it's plenty enough to use.


The first thing that struck me about the AC15 is that it's a very commanding, present amp. It cuts well and always sounds organic and musical. Everything about it sounds very solid. It reminds me of the Stones or Brad Paisley. The tones are can be very sweet, but this amp possesses some nice old-school crunch. With high gain pickups it can almost get to AC/DC style crunch tones, but it doesn't quite get there. It's much more suited for early rock like Free, where the round slight overdrive just sings.


The Vox AC15 does a light crunch like no other, and it is one of the classic tones of rock n' roll. This amp is truly an instrument unto itself, and sings like a lower gain amp like this should. Everything about it, from the controls, to the tolex is solid, and nothing has failed me yet.

I'd recommend this amp to anyone looking for a distinctive, old-school tone that is full, sweet, and present. If you need gain, look elsewhere.