PRS Blue Sierra 50W 2x12 Combo
PRS Blue Sierra 50W 2x12 Combo

Blue Sierra 50W 2x12 Combo , Tube Combo Guitar Amp from PRS.

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iamqman 06/24/2011

PRS Blue Sierra 50W 2x12 Combo : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Nice but expensive"

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This amp though sounds fantastic for the mild rock bluesy tone, it jst super expensive and really out of a lot of people's price range. This goes along with the guitars that are really overpriced. I am honestly amazed at how this company can mark up their amps to these prices and still be in business.

There really isn't a whole lot of difference in this amp ans the Dallas models. One difference is that the power tubes are El34's rather than 6L6's. The features are about the same and honestly I can't find much difference.

I have never been a fan of the PRS guitars and so I was a little hesitant to hear one of their amps but to my surprise this amp sounded very good. It has a extremely transparent clean tone that is one of the best cleans I have ever heard. Then you take it up the volume and you get a pretty good moderately distorted tube driven tone. This amp is not high gain and is designed for the clean tones.


Paul Reed Smith Blue Sierra 50W 2x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:

* All-tube 2x12" combo
* 50 watts
* 12AX7 preamp tubes, EL34 power tubes
* Voiced for clean to moderately overdriven tones
* Onboard reverb


This amp sounds pretty good and will sound best with a single coil guitar in my opinion. It is very chimy and sparkly type clean tone. Not really a Fender tone but a different character all together. It takes pedals real well and provides a nice warm shiny tone.

I really like the tone of this amp with a PRS guitar. I not a fan of their guitars but it seems to fit the voicing of this amp perfectly. I am sure they used those guitars to voice this amp obviously. There guitars really come alive to me with this amp. This amp is not going to be high gain at all. This is blues Texas tone and can get a slight medium distortion crunch. It takes pedals really well so that is a plus.


If I could afford this amp I would have it in a minute. However, the price of this amp is so outrageous that it takes someone with pretty deep pockets to afford this amp. I have to say it has a killer vintage blues tone. If I make some more money then I will look for one of these on the used market. I'll let someone else take the initial hit.

This amp is nice but extremely overpriced.I cannot understand for one second how PRS can think that this amp has anything more than a Fender amp of the same features. Then again you can buy a Two Rock amp with about the same features for even more than this. I have rated the overall opinion a little lower for one reason....PRS jacks their prices up way too far. I don;t think that you can get one new anymore so the used market is the only way to go.