Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 1x12 Combo - Emerald Bronco & Tan Grille
Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 1x12 Combo - Emerald Bronco & Tan Grille

Stiletto Ace 1x12 Combo - Emerald Bronco & Tan Grille, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the Stiletto series.

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polaris20 05/03/2011

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 1x12 Combo - Emerald Bronco & Tan Grille : polaris20 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Hotrodded British Tone, with Mesa Flavor"

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This is a recent model all-tube combo amp from Mesa Boogie, designed to evoke the tones of British amps (most obviously aimed at Marshall) while still having that Mesa Boogie preamp flavor that they're known for. It has:

-Two channels, each with three modes (Fat Clean, Tite Clean, and Crunch on clean channel, Crunch, Tite Gain and Fluid Drive on lead)
-50 watts of EL34 power, with a tube or solid state rectifier, selectable for each channel
-Full power or "Spongy" mode, which is a simulated "Variac" kind of effect
-One 12" Celestion V30 speaker
-Serial effects loop with adjustable level, hard bypass available
-foot switch for channel switching a solo boost


Unlike many Mesa amps, with their myriad of controls and dials, the Stiletto Ace, while still feature-filled, is a relatively easy amp to dial in. Setting the EQ dials at noon results in a punchy, even tone that's heavier in the midrange than its Recto brothers, but still very pleasing to the ear.

What's nice with this amp (besides the versatility) is that it can get an amazing, chimey clean tone that's sometimes difficult to get with EL34-based amplifiers. It also excels in the mid-gain and high gain tones, covering the gamut from clean, classic crunch, 80's style high gain, and even can reach thrash metal levels of gain. This all without the assistance of any pedals.

The ability to dial in a mixture of tones over the two channels is fun. For example, a spanking clean tone on channel 1, and a crunch tone on channel two. Or perhaps you want a crunchy tone for rhythm, and a singing lead tone for solos? No problem. Simply dial in a pleasing crunch on channel 1, and then a Tite Gain tone on channel 2.

The manual is still a must to read (and enjoyable too, I might add) as it allows you to truly get comfortable with how the dials effect each other, recommended settings, and explanations of how everything works within the amp.


The guitars I've used with the Stiletto are:

-PRS SE Singlecut Korina
-Fender Mexico-made Stratocaster
-Ibanez JS2000
-Ibanez RG421 (hard tail)
-Ibanez SC420

It takes nicely to all of them, however it seems to really favor the PRS and the strat. With the PRS and the Stiletto set to Tite Gain with the gain at noon, it is as close to I've ever come to a pure, amazing rock tone, enough so that I let out a bit of a laugh when I hit an A chord, because it sounds that good.

With the amp set to Crunch, the classic neck/middle selection on the Strat sounds awesome.

I can't say there are any sounds I "hate" on this amp, per se. However I will tell you that I won't likely be using Fat Clean very often, as it's a bit thin compared to Tite Clean.

In high gain settings, it still manages to maintain note definition, even when hitting first position full chords. Providing you don't dime the gain, it maintains a very musical, usable overdrive.


I would have happily forked over full price for this amp, however the price I got it for seems like a steal. I simply cannot imagine a better amp for the money. The versatility is there, the tone is there, and the durability is there. The only thing I can vaguely say that is negative about this amp is the weight. At a shade over 60 pounds, this is one hefty beast, one deserving of its included casters.

If this thing ever gets lost, stolen, or otherwise, I wouldn't hesitate to replace it.