Fender Blues Junior III
Fender Blues Junior III "Emerald Green"

Blues Junior III "Emerald Green", Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Blues Junior series.

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iamqman 07/29/2011

Fender Blues Junior III "Emerald Green" : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Nice limited edition"

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It has a dark tone compare to a plexi or a Marshall 800 that really compliments the character of a Fender Stratocaster . Since the Strat seems to be on the thinner side of guitars the darker tone gives it a more robust tone that accept pedals really well and sustains easily.

This amp is the exact same feature wise as the regular blues jr. There are some new editions to this amp that make it stand out of the pack. first you get a cool looking forest green tolex covering and a sharp looking wheat brown grill cloth. Next you get an upgraded Eminence speaker that sound phenomenal with this amp. Then finally you get a better set up tubes that better match the prowess of this amps tone.


Fender Blues Jr. – Humboldt Hot Rod

Emerald Green Tolex
Wheat Grill Cloth
Eminence Cannabis Rex Hemp Cone Speaker (8 ohm)
Upgraded Slovakian Tubes
15 Watts
External Speaker Jack
Spring Reverb
Fat Switch (also footswitchable)
Footswitch Not Included
110v Operation Only


This amp is a cool little amp for practicing or playing small gigs. This amp is only rated at 15 watts of power so there isn't a lot to play with in this amp. You can't get huge volumes with this amp, but it does work well when you need a small amp for smaller gigs or something to practice at home with.

The amp have a genuine tone that is reminiscent of the old amplifiers from back in the 60's. This amp carries a great blossoming tone that fills the air quite well with rich warmth and a fantastic blend or the new and old features. The amp doesn't have that many newer type of features that many modern amps have but it does have a fat boost for adding a little bit of girth to the tone if you are playing with a thinner sounding guitar or your pickups might be a single coil. If you play with a Fender Stratocatser or a Fender telecaster you will probably have that fat boost on at all times die to the brightness of those guitars and the thinner side of those tones.


This may be one of the most heavily used amp that has ever been created. The Fender Blues amp is such a great little amp and the price point for the tube amp is fantastic. Many players have bought into this little amp because of the aggressive price and the just the way that it sounds. At new these amp come in right at around $529. Not a bad little price for a cool looking and upgraded speaker tubes and tone.