Fender 75
Fender 75

75, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender.

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iamqman 09/30/2011

Fender 75 : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Not too bad"

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Fender music company has been known to make some great sounding amplifiers and guitar instruments. They've built a lot of great sounding tube amplifiers that have been re-issued and used all over the world. And then they'll also build some amplifiers that don't sound that great. The fender 75 is a two channel amplifier with a clean and a distortion channel.


1980 Fender Model 75, 75 watt, Rivera Designed model combo amp.

All transformers are original. Amp works fine. Has Hi-Lo power switch.

Tubes are 6L6GC x 2, 12AX7 x 3 and 12AT7 x 2

Front panel reads left to right:

Input, Input, Bright Switch, Volume (clean), Treble with pull-knob boost, Middle with pull-knob boost, Bass with pull-knob boost, Lead Drive, Reverb, Lead Level, and Master Volume

Rear panel reads left to right:

AC outlet, Ground, Speaker output(2), line/recording, effects in/out, output tube matching, footswitch (2), reverb tank(2) and hum balance.


This amplifier at 75 W of power and also has a switch that can take down the 15 W if you so desire. It's a decent little amp for cleans primarily because it has a 15 inch speaker. See you get really good sharp highs and round low end tones. So that is very good for someone who plays a clean amplifier and needs that nice push with single coil guitar. This amplifier features 6L6 power tubes and three 12aX7 preamp tubes as well as a 12aT7 preamp tubes. You actually get to it so it has five preamp tubes and all.

Since you have a lot of tubes in this amplifier there is going to be a lot of good to push in the time. Primarily the cleaning town because it was designed after the Rivera aunt modeling which was pretty good at the time when this amplifier came out in the early 80s. The distortion doesn't sound that great but the cleaned so if you need to get cleaning up the fire this is a pretty decent on if you can get at a good price.


I seen these amplifiers go for right around $300 or so and the used market. So if you can grab one and it's a pretty good little amplifier especially when Fender was making good so solid amplifiers in the early 80s. This is not a bad little pick up if you can find them. They are pretty easy to find on ebay so I would start my search there.