Carvin MTS3212 Combo
Carvin MTS3212 Combo

MTS3212 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Carvin.

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JackLudden 08/10/2008

Carvin MTS3212 Combo : JackLudden のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This guitar amp is a 2x12 combo tube amp. It has a variable wattage for different sounds. This amp can get very loud - so it would suffice in terms of playing live for all but the biggest venues where you'd need to get into the 4x12 cabs. It has a standard 1/4" guitar connection. It has two main channels - a clean and lead (distortion). It comes with a pedal switch. It also has a nice sounding spring reverb in it, which can also be switched with the pedal. Both channels have limited EQ - a bass, mid, and treble control. The lead channel also has a drive knob for more or less distorted tones. There's also a presence controls on both channels to get a boost in the ~5khz area to help the guitar cut through a band or mix.


It's quite easy to use. The setup is fairly simple. Replacing the tubes is a bit of a hassle however. You can get a decent sound right away, but you'll have to do a fair amount of tweaking most likely to get something good. The manual is pretty basic, so it's best to explore the options on your own with this amp.


This would suit almost any kind of music, because of the range from clean to heavy distortion you can get. I use this mostly with a Telecaster on the clean channel. The clean channel is the real draw with this amp - it sounds great! The distortion you get is okay, but not outstanding. It is also a little too noisy than what I like on the distorted channel. The clean side again sounds great and you don't have to do too much to it, but with the lead channel there really is just sort of a range about halfway turned on the drive knob where you're going to get any nice distortion tones. Less than that and it's barely there, too much and you quickly are just into a wash of noise and indistinct notes.


I've had this amp for about 2 years. I mostly like the great sounding clean channel, and the nice spring reverb sound you can use. I don't like how much noise there is on the lead channel, and the comparatively limited range of distortion tones you can get with it. I would say it's a moderate value for the price - this is sort of a middle of the road amp. I might make the same choice to have a really solid clean channel amp, but for distortion tones you might be better off with a fender combo.