Apple iPad
Apple iPad

iPad, タッチタブレット from Apple in the iPad series.

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Hatsubai 06/06/2011

Apple iPad : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"The touch pad that started it all"

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The Apple iPad is Apple’s first jump into the tablet world, and they took an interesting twist on it. Instead of having a laptop that doubles as a touch screen tablet, they ditched the keyboard all together in favor of a lightweight touch screen with some flash memory built-in, along with a special smart phone processor.

Since this device came out, I’ve been critical of it. For one, I have no real use for it, but it seems to have created one huge hype machine that has left everyone else struggling to compete with Apple in the new touch pad tablet market. The first thing you notice when you pick the device up is that it’s light. That’s probably its biggest advantage compared to laptops more than anything else. Besides its iOS geared for lightweight browser work, the device itself isn’t cumbersome to use every day. It’s easier and faster than booting up a laptop or netbook, and it can do the features that many of those lower end laptops can do.

You don’t have total free reign over the OS like you do with a normal laptop, and that’s part of its appeal. You have specific apps you use, just like with Apple’s very own iPhone. This allows people to not have to worry about figuring out file paths for different files, finding out what’s compatible, etc. One of the coolest features I’ve found is that you can use this as its own mixing device in conjunction with Logic Pro. That app alone almost makes it worth it.

If you’re going to get the iPad, you might be better off with the first generation version as it’s cheaper and has somewhat similar performance. I also don’t think the 3G is worth it, but it depends on if you need to always be downloading your ebooks wherever you may be.