Suhr classic T (telecaster)
Suhr classic T (telecaster)

classic T (telecaster), TE モデル from Suhr.

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loudfunk 03/18/2011

Suhr classic T (telecaster) : loudfunk のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Huge Tele that shreds..."

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Made In Cali, one piece maple neck with skunk stripe. 6100 frets, h/s/h pick-ups, Gotoh 1088 bridge, locking tuners, chambered ash body with a bent maple top and a cat's eye sound hole. 5 way switch, volume, tone.and a passive mid control on the push pull on the tone control.
Big C shape neck, 1 inch at the nut, 10-14 inch radius, 1 11/16 nut width.
Tiger Eye burst finish, brown back,scraped binding, satin finish on the neck, plain head stock.


The neck access is good on the heel side, the cutaway cut be a bit more shallow on the back.
Was an amazing guitar for Rock tones, The huge neck added to the big sound of the guitar, interestingly enough it never felt like a big neck.
The guitar came set-up well, with the usual slight relief in the neck. I prefer straight no relief necks, but that was just a quick 1/4 turn of the truss rod away.


This guitar was mostly used with a Mesa Trem-o-verb, THD Series One Plexi, Guytron 100 watter, and 50 watt Marshalls. It excelled with amps that had a good amount of snap like the THD Series One Plexi and/or the mid 70s 50 watt JMP Marshall.
A good comparison would be a Les Paul bottom, with a Tele top end snap, and attenuated mids ala 70s Les Paul Custom.
The clean sounds with the passive mid control rolled off on the middle single coil where perfect for 70s Funk stuff. And on the neck pick-up for typical 80s clean Ballad type parts.
The guitar took very well to bright overdrives like Maxon SD9 type stuff. Tube Screamer's yielded mixed results. With original 808s and 9s where fine, re-issues kinda ended up being a muddy set-up.


Good guitar, the one down side was that the nut needed to be re-cut since the high e-string was too close to the edge of the board and when adding vibrato to a note it had a tendency to fall off the board.

The finish details on the guitar was amazing.