LTD TE-202
LTD TE-202

TE-202, TE モデル from LTD in the TE series.

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SonicPulverizer 09/03/2012

LTD TE-202 : SonicPulverizer のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

" Budget Tele?"

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The ESP LTD TE202 is the company's budget friendly alternative to the Fender Telecaster body shape. Made to look distressed, the guitar has several pre-worn patches. The TE202 features an alder body, maple neck and fingerboard, and ESP's proprietary tuners. An ESP LTS-120 in the bridge and LH- 150 in the neck position are routed through shared volume and tone controls. The finish is very pleasant to look at and the model number as the 12th fret marker makes the guitar more distinctive.


The TE202's neck profile feel comfortable in the hands and is surprisingly fast for such a low cost instrument. Tuning stability is average and the guitar could benefit from upgrading the tuners. As some others have noted, this model seems to have an issue with the tone pot being less than useable. Testing two of the guitars, I found the effectiveness of the tone control to be inconsistent but poor in both instances.


I played the TE202 through a Fastback 18 combo and a Marshall JCM800. Marshall 4x12. No pedals.

The guitar's onboard electronics severely impact the tone of the guitar. The cleans sounded cluttered and lacked clarity when strumming chords. With gain applied, the guitar fared better but still underperformed. I tested a second TE202 which sounded much more pleasant and articulate. The playability and feel are perfectly adequate with the guitar. I feel that with upgraded electronics the TE202 could make a much better impression.


The TE202 suffers from inconsistent production. At the new price of $350 one could justify some upgrades to make it more of a player's guitar. However, with the Gretsch Pro Jet at this price used and the Squire Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom hanging a mere $20 dollar above, you might be better served forgetting about it. In either case, I strongly suggest trying before buying.