Fender Highway One Telecaster [2002-2006]
Fender Highway One Telecaster [2002-2006]

Highway One Telecaster [2002-2006], TE モデル from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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badgerific 04/15/2011

Fender Highway One Telecaster [2002-2006] : badgerific のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Best guitar I have ever played."

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Fender Telecaster with the following specs:

- Alder body with nitrocellulose finnish

- Maple neck

- Rosewood fretboard (available with maple)

- Two hot Alnico III pickups

- Volume, Tone and Three way pickup selector

- Twenty two jumbo frets

- Fender sealed tuners

- Fender three saddle bridge


I absolutely love this guitar, it's the best feeling guitar I've ever played. It's better than the American Standard Telecasters that I've played and better than any Mexican made Fender I've tried. The upper fret access isn't great due to the bolt on neck but it's not hard to play by any means.

The electronics are simple so it's easy to get a good sound out of this guitar.


I've used this guitar with a Marshall JCM900 Mk iii and various fuzz pedals and it sounds great. The hot pickups sound amazing through the Marshall when it's clean or cranked and has an excellent treble response which helps cut through in a band mix a lot.

This guitar has a definite tele-twang to the sound which I love. I think the pickups will be hot enough to play anything except for high gain metal but sound great clean as well.


Overall I think this is the perfect guitar for me, I just wish my friend would sell me it. I ask him every time I play it but it's always no. I definitely think this is worth trying out at a shop if you're in the market for a telecaster as they're reasonably priced and are great guitars.

The only thing I would change is the rosewood fretboard to a maple one but for me it's quite a minor issue and it's available in maple anyway so I'd just have to shop around for one.