FMR Audio RNLA7239
FMR Audio RNLA7239

RNLA7239, Studio compressor from FMR Audio.

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moosers 05/07/2009

FMR Audio RNLA7239 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The FMR Audio RNLA7239, which stands for "Really Nice Leveling Amplifier" is a single channel compressor that has 1/4 connections and is all analog based. It is not a rack mountable piece of gear and is powered by a wall wart power supply.


The layout of the FMR Audio RNLA7239 is pretty simple as far as compressors go. It is really easy to use if you have any idea about how to use a compressor and even if you don't it probably won't take you too long to figure out. It has basic parameters for a compressor like threshold, ratio, attack, release, and gain, all which help to provide total control over your tone. There are also two buttons - one for bypass and one for log rel, which adds a bit of punch to your sound. It also has an LED meter for gain reduction. The manual for the FMR Audio RNLA7239 is pretty thorough, but the unit is easy enough to use that I never really needed it.


The sound quality of the FMR Audio RNLA7239 is pretty awesome considering you probably expect much worse in this price range and by the look of it. Even without those factors being taken into consideration, the RNLA7239 packs a lot of punch and is suitable for a variety of applications, although I use it mostly for drums and electric guitar. Everything comes in pretty clean and while it does color your sound, that is what makes this a unique sounding compressor. It isn't a great choice for an all around compressor, but it definitely excels at a high level in the things that it is good at.


I've been using the FMR Audio RNLA7239 for about six months and I've found it to be an outstanding little compressor for the price. It is really easy to use and has a unique sound to it that I find works great for what I am trying to do sometimes. FMR is known for their great sounding products and their extremely low prices, and even though they only have a few products, what they do offer provides a great deal and the FMR Audio RNLA7239 fits right in. Overall, an awesome leveling amp at an even better price.