Avalon AD2044
Avalon AD2044

AD2044, Studio compressor from Avalon.

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moosers 05/07/2009

Avalon AD2044 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Avalon AD2044 is a dual channel compressor made with all class A circuits that has XLR connections for both channels and is a rack mountable unit that will take up two rack spaces.


The configuration of the Avalon AD2044 is very easy to follow as it has the basic parameters that you usually see on compressors. The large knobs control threshold and compression, and has smaller knobs for release and attack. There are also a series of buttons on each channel for controlling a variety of options including what shows up on your meter. I don't have a the manual for the Avalon AD2044, but it really isn't necessary as I'm assuming if you are using a top notch piece of gear like this you have used a basic compressor before.


The sound quality of the Avalon AD2044 is really great for all types of applications, as I have used this on everything from drums to vocals. It has a great deal of warmth to it that is not often found on most compressors. It has enough parameters on it to make sure that you can easily zero in on the sound that you are looking for. This compressor really can do it all and is an extremely versatile piece of gear. In addition to all sorts of drums including kick drum, snare drum, and tom toms, I've used the Avalon AD2044 on both male and female vocals, as well as for electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, and is desirable for just about any instrument you can think of...


I've been using the Avalon AD2044 for about a year and its become one of my favorite compressors to use whenever I have the chance to use it. Its great to have two high quality compressors in one casing that are both versatile and easy to use. The price of the Avalon AD2044 is pretty expensive, but Avalon makes high end gear for professionals looking for top notch quality regardless of the price. Overall, the Avalon AD2044 is a truly great compressor that should be tried by all professional engineers.