API Audio 527
API Audio 527

527, Studio compressor from API Audio.

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mrjason 02/08/2013

API Audio 527 : mrjason のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"My go to compression"

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The API 527 is a 500 series compression/limiter. I love the way it handles the threshold and has great attack and release capabilities via the controls. This unit as a whole has some of the best compression that you will hear in this type of unit that has come out in the last year or two. I love using it for compression on vocals and it can work wonders on drums.


This compressor/limiter was very easy to control and work with. It is built tough with steel or metal casting and the knobs are also built well. I first heard about this after being in one of the local studios and had a chance to work with one. After the first song that I did use it one I knew that I had to get one for myself. It took me a while to find money for it in my tight budget at the time but eventually I got it and I love running vocals through it now.


Setting it up is easy, I am use to working with hardware compressors and vintage compressors too. I had a similar model from Lindell Audio in the past but the compression was not as good as the API527’s. I have also owned an Elysia Nvelope 500 which cost about the same amount of money but again the compression is not as good as the API527.


This compressor is truly one of a kind and it is a must have if you want good warm and rich compression on your vocals, guitar tracks, drums, or whatever you want to use it on. This compressor is a desktop style compressor and cannot be racked (it would have been nice if it could be racked though). There is also an API 525 that is great from the same company too! This has been my go to compressor for a while now and I am very happy with it.