AnaMod AM670
AnaMod AM670

AM670, Studio compressor from AnaMod.

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moosers 12/30/2009

AnaMod AM670 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Anamod AM670 is a modern adaptation of the Fairchild 670, a very good one at that.  The compressor has two channels, and while it looks a bit different than the original 670, it has the same make up to it.  The unit is an analog one that has at least XLR connections and maybe more, although I'm not entirely sure because the one that I've used was already racked in place in the studio that I used it at.  It will fit in a traditional rack space and will take up three spaces.


Each of the two channels of the Anamod AM670 has the exact same make up.  Both channels have parameters for input gain, threshold, and time constant.  They each have a meter that can be set to a few different settings and also a bypass button.  Even if you don't have experience with the original 670, as long as you have a basic grasp on how to use compression, I don't think that you'll have any issues understanding everything going on here and I don't believe that a manual is needed because of this.


The sound of the Anamod AM670 is pretty much exactly the same as the Fairchild 670 as it is just about a direct copy.  If you've ever used any version of the 670, or have heard anything about its reputation, you know that the 670 is one of the best compressors ever built.  It can be used in any situation where you would want to use compression, but I've found it to be most useful on electric guitars and drums.  This being said, the Anamod AM670 can truly be used in any situation as it is just that good of a compressor.


Since the original Fairchild 670 is pretty hard to come by these days, Anamod has done the audio world a great service by releasing the AM670.  It is fairly priced considering that you're getting one of the most well respected compressors of all time without the problems that older gear will bring to the table.  If you're looking for a 670 and don't want to spend a crazy amount of money on the original or simply can't find one, the Anamod AM670 is absolutely the way to go.