Vigier Excalibur Custom HSH
Vigier Excalibur Custom HSH

Excalibur Custom HSH, ST モデル from Vigier belonging to the Excalibur Custom HSH model.

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iamqman 08/13/2011

Vigier Excalibur Custom HSH : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Sweet axe!!"

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This year guitar basically the European version of the super Strat guitar. They have a Fender Stratocaster similarities but have their own body shape and look to them. They're headstock sir shape a little bit differently than offender would be little bit more pointed and and. The body is shaped somewhat like a Fender Stratocaster but has a little bit sharper points.

This one comes with a home bucker a single coil and a home bucker in the neck pick up. You get a sweet looking finger flame maple top on top of either in alder or base would or even mahogany body. The neck is generally maple with a Rosewood fretboard and the tone is pretty much a hot rotted Fender Stratocaster town. If you've ever played and Anderson guitar or a sir guitar in this would be the European version of those guitars. This is definitely a boutique guitar the prices represent that.


These guitars are pretty easy to find a good tone out of. They simply have two humbuckers and one single coil in between the bridge and neck positions. You have a volume control and tone control as well as a Floyd Rose bridge. You get the pick up selector that is s five way pick up selector and locking tuners. It is a recessed Floyd Rose bridge so the action on the neck is going to be quite low and very fast to play on.


This guitar is a gorgeous looking guitar with very high quality wood combinations and pickup's match the hot Rodded look. The tone of this guitar is an exceptional one. They are not easy to come by here in the states but there are some dealers that carry them such as rebel guitars out of Mississippi and some of the higher-end boutique guitar dealers on the west coast and the east coast. You can always play these guitars at the annual namm convention in Anaheim California. I was my first introduction to these guitars back in the day.

This guitar sounds great with a high gain amplifier such as a Marshall or Mesa boogie or anything of that nature. These are the European hot rotted strats so therefore they mix well with a hot rotted super amp. They have a great sounding distortion when you really crank up the volume in some amplifiers and they can have a very good articulate clean tone with a nice clean amplifier.


These guitars are fairly expensive ones to buy. They range anywhere from 2000 up to $4500 depending on the wood combination and what type of quality the top laminate pieces are. So finding one at a decent price for a budget consumer is probably not very likely. However, this is a boutique guitar and is marketed towards the professional guitarists or someone who's been playing the instrument long enough to know exactly what they are looking for. So I recommend this guitar to someone who loves the look nd the feel of these guitars or is tired of the boutique builders in the US.