Suhr Modern HH
Suhr Modern HH

Modern HH, ST モデル from Suhr.

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Hedge 10/10/2012

Suhr Modern HH : Hedge のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Mr. Suhr is putting the big guys to shame."

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American made 6 string electric guitar. Hand made in all the areas you'd want, and machine finished in all the ways that are necessary. PLEK'd as well, as all Suhrs are. Standard superstrat configuration (1 vol/tone/5 way selector). Pickup configuration is wired bridge humbucker, both pickups split, both humbuckers, neck pickup split (my favorite!), neck humbucker. Pickups on this model are SSH+ bridge and SSV neck. Gotoh 510 2 post trem, hipshot open back locking tuners (very bizarre looking but stylish i think), and 24 stainless frets. Body is basswood with a flame maple cap. Neck is maple with pau ferro fingerboard.

I do wish it came with a hard shell case, instead of a gig bag.


Suhr's Modern line is a take on the superstrat, maybe a bit more geared for the 'shred' attitude, but still maintains a

The Modern body style is a bit interesting feeling at first - I was reminded of a custom shop ESP type feel, but a bit more asymmetrical. The neck also shares this idea, being a bit thicker towards the bass strings and thinning out on the bottom in what they call an 'elliptical radius.' Took about an hour to really get used to, but the results are outstanding. Upper fret access is as effortless as it can get.

These guitars are impeccably made. It's awful to think but this guitar has made quite a few of my others obsolete due to the sheer amount of ground this guy can cover. I've had a few guitars with stainless frets before this one but none of them have rocked my world like this has. Right out of the box the guitar was set up perfectly ready to go.

The open ended tuners definitely look a little odd to me, but work just fine.


I find the guitar to be very very capable of many different tones - which is necessary for me when purchasing a guitar. One trick ponies don't stay in my house too long! Being a strat player primarily this guitar fit me almost immediately. I was most worried about pickup configuration being a problem, but this guitar ending up being wired exactly how I would have ended up setting it up anyway. The tapped neck sound alone is worth the price of admission. It's just strat enough in all the right ways without being too single coil for me. The pickup configuration covers a lot of ground. I would imagine some people would also want a tapped bridge sound, but for me it's a non issue, and the split coils (position 4) is twangy enough on its own.


The build quality of this guitar is among the highest I've ever seen, yet at the same time the instrument does not feel like a museum piece. We've all owned those guitars that feel too expensive to play out in the world, but not in this case. The Modern for me seems to fit just right. As beautiful as these guitars are, I have no reservation bringing it out into the world and gigging/teaching/performing with it. It's just too good to sit in a case. The biggest complaint I've seen on these guitars is their price of entry but in this case you really do get what you pay for. I was lucky enough to not have to wait for this guitar (popped up online and I couldn't resist), but I'm told the average wait time for a custom instrument from Suhr is around 9 months. Even still, I'd be happy to wait the time and pay the money for another if I needed to own a second, but honestly I'm very very happy to own just one!